Chinese Herbs

The first references to Chinese Herbal Medicine were attributed to the legendary ruler Shen Nong almost 5000 years ago and the first recorded references almost 2000 years ago. Since those early times, the theories and practices of herbal medicine have been constantly refined and expanded. Today modern research has helped to prove the efficaciousness of herbs and formulas that have been held in high regard for centuries.

Herbal formulas have been used to treat every condition known to humanity, as well as enhancing immunity and performance. They are very safe and have minimal side effects when prescribed properly. In the clinic, herbal formulas are prescribed to help assist the body bask to a state of health. Although herbs are administered to address the symptoms of disharmony, they also address the underlying root causes of these maladies, resulting in an improvement in overall health. Herbs are also routinely prescribed along with the pharmaceuticals that an individual takes for the mitigation of the drug’s side effects.

Herbs and herbal formulas are available in a variety of forms such as tea pills, tablets capsules, granular powders, plasters, and liniments. Herbs are used to enhance and prolong the effects of acupuncture, or as a stand alone form of therapy.

All herbal formulas dispensed in the clinic meet or exceed GMP standards. This certification assures that the herbal products are free of heavy metal, pesticide, herbicide, and pharmaceutical contamination.

Essential Oils

A new addition to the clinic is the use of DoTerra essential oils to enhance overall health, as well as offering clients an option for self treatment of a wide range of minor health issues such as colds, digestive issues, minor pains, relaxation, insomnia, etc.

These products are produced to the highest quality, purity, and safety used in the industry: Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG).