It is my belief that nutrition is the ultimate foundation for our health. It has been shown that many diseases stem from a lack of adequate nutrition. Most people, regardless of weight, are malnourished. Every day billions of cells die, and need to be replaced. If replenishment comes from the average inadequate diet, a person is in a constant state of degeneration. This often leads to chronic health concerns. The ingestion of high quality foods may supplement, or even restore a person’s health. As such, nutrition may be addressed in the clinic to help facilitate your return to health.

Processed foods are virtually worthless and are often contaminated with potentially toxic chemicals. Conventionally grown and raised foods are contaminated with pesticides, herbicides, growth hormones, and antibiotics. Studies regarding GMO foods and Nanotech products, (conducted by independent organizations and not by linked corporate interests) reveal startling detrimental health ramifications. Many things that you have been told regarding nutrition are not for your benefit, they are knowingly false and for the sole purpose of selling product.

Nutrition may be addressed by education of the aforementioned concerns and by the introduction of a variety of super foods into your diet. One of my preferences is to use the clensing, nourishing, and balancing properties of Sunrider foods. These foods are primarily based on time honored traditional Chinese herbal formulas and highly concentrated to provide the nutrition needed to rebuild the body. Other super foods that have outstanding health rejuvenating properties include, but are not limited to the following examples: raw Balli cacao nibs, goji berries, golden berries, maca root powder, raw Balli cashews, hemp seeds, chia seeds, etc. These products all have significant nutritional assets and are usually available through the clinic to enhance your health.

When all is said and done, you really are what you eat.