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“Guy Bodfish is the reason I was able to avoid a cesarean with my first daughter. I had high blood pressure and through acupuncture Guy was able to help lower it. I was able to deliver my daughter naturally, without an induction that my midwife had been threatening, and I fully credit this outcome to Guy’s skill as an acupuncturist and his deep knowledge of Chinese medicine.” — Jen, Missoula, MT

“Going to see Guy was one of the best things I ever did for myself. I suffered from debilitating migraine headaches when I first started seeing Guy, and now they are gone!” — Sean, Missoula, MT

“I saw several acupuncturists in Missoula before finding Guy. They were nice, but he is master. I’ve suffered from anxiety my whole life, and now, it is much diminished after several months of once a week treatments. Thanks Guy!” — MontanaGirl, Missoula, MT

One of our patients recently wrote in to tell us how, in her experience, acupuncture and Chinese herbs helped relieve her back pain and allowed her to avoid surgery. Thanks for the kind words Jamie! Read her letter below:

“First, I want to thank you Guy for helping me feel so great. As you know, I was at the end of my choices for relieving my lower back and hip pain; my next choice, according to my doctor, was surgery.

“I had never tried acupuncture before but I was curious about it, so I asked my doctor what he thought. (Because of my diagnosis and x-rays, chiropractic treatment was not an option.) He thought it was worth a try and he recommended Guy Bodfish.

“I was worried that the needles would hurt, but to my relief, they did not hurt at all.

“It took about 4 treatments before I started feeling some relief, and the trouble that I was having with my right hip was completely gone. It took several more treatments on my lower back and left hip, but by the 8th treatment, the numbness in my left hip, leg, and ankle was gone.

“I knew that the acupuncture treatments had to be what helped me as I was not taking any other medicine. The only additional treatment I was taking was an herbal supplement–a Chinese herb–to help strengthen my bones.

“I have to say that my experience with acupuncture treatment was really a blessing. Guy, your acupuncture treatments helped me more than I could have ever imagined. So thanks again.”